When developing new campaigns for our clients,
we take the following into consideration:

  • Who is the medical target market?

  • Who is the consumer target market?

  • Tone of communication (Specialists vs. GP’s)?

  • Science vs. branding. Some brands need to be backed by the science and others need to be backed by branding. This weighting is important in the entire communication, creative and campaign roll-out process.

  • PMSA and NDTI data.

  • Competitor analysis (we rely on in-field feedback, we like to go into the field with your reps and we keep a record of all advertising from medical journals).

  • Campaign objectives – what do you want the campaign to achieve?

  • Positioning of the brand within the company.

  • We have a pharmacologist on board - Jacky van Schoor; a medical doctor – Dr Shandré Pieterse; and a Pharmacist – Jaco van der Merwe who assist us when developing campaigns. If need be we consult with other Doctors and Specialists depending on the brand needs.

  • We stay abreast with our existing clients’ brands and markets by attending advisory board meetings, Doctor meetings, brand-team meetings, cycle meetings, going in-field with reps and continuously keeping up to date with medical publications and trials.