LePetta is a full-service advertising and marketing agency where every
one of our clients receives more than the expected.

The words that embody our agency and all that we do. By partnering with us, your brand becomes the center of attention.

"A circle is the focus of all
points halfway from a central point"

Every member of the team specialises in a different component of corporate marketing, allowing for a fresh yet comprehensive approach to your brand. Our expertise comprises a mix of design talent, project management, consultancy, medical copywriting, and customer service, with expertise in all of the principles of marketing and design.

We pride ourselves on being hard working, organised, disciplined, professional and reliable. Striving to ensure that your experience with LePetta is a memorable and positive one.

Dr. Mashilane is a medical doctor with 8 years pharmaceutical industry experience. She has experience across various therapeutic
areas with key knowledge of processes in medical affairs, medical information and clinical trial operations.

She has key understanding of the regulatory, ethical and legal framework pertaining to pharmaceutical promotional practices.
Prior to this, Dr Mashilane worked as a medical practitioner in state hospitals and independent clinical practice.
Guided by brand strategy and geared to meet campaign targets, we strive to produce work of outstanding quality and service that is more than the expected.